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Target Hearts is a medical fitness program designed for people with health issues and for seniors. Barbara Herron, RN, provides an ongoing program that gives people confidence to exercise, improving strength stamina and energy to help them in their daily routine. Each person follows an individualized exercise routine and benefits from conversation, comraderie and encouragement of other Target Hearts members.

Target Hearts is a benefit to:
* People who need to exercise but don't know how to start
* Seniors looking for a supervised exercise program
* People who need a Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehab Maintenance program
* Those for whom insurance does not cover Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehab
* People at risk for heart or lung disease
* People with an early diagnosis of COPD and other lung illnesses

Target Hearts provides a one-of-a-kind program for people diagnosed with lung disease, such as COPD. The goal is to assist those newly diagnosed or early in the disease process. We begin at your current fitness level and gradually increase the levels to build strength, stamina and energy to help you in your daily routine.

With exercise and education, we teach effective coping mechanisms and have found that this new approach to managing lung disease is very successful!

Target Hearts has two NuStep Cross Trainers for exclusive use by their clients. These machines are not typically found in gyms, and are helpful for those with joint issues, balance problems, and those not yet strong enough to use a traditional bike (

Target Hearts Exercise Program is open M/W/F; 8:15am to 3pm. Exercise times are flexible, and each member is given an individualized exercise routine, based on their abilities.

Target Hearts is an innovative program that instills competence and confidence to exercise for life!

For more information and to make an appointment for an assessment visit, please call Barbara Herron at 410-707-6104.